Goodbye for a bit, dear readers

I’ve been struggling mightily with the amount of emotional energy it takes to research and write posts on this blog, so for now I am taking a much-needed, temporary hiatus.  It is also a bad time of year for me – painfully little in the way of daylight.  I will be back though, after I connect with other people who are going through a similar experience.  I have supportive straight friends but it’s not quite enough for me right now.  I need to talk to more people who are bi and yet somehow figure out how to get their needs met.  It’s not something I claim to know how to do but surely someone out there has figured out a good, healthy arrangement wherein they can have what they need from both men and women.  It is hard to talk to people who are satisfied with a relationship with just one gender whether it be same-sex or opposite-sex.  They hear what I’m saying but don’t necessarily understand.  I’m sure my bi readers can relate.  So for now, adios, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Much love, bi-girl