On why I love Batwoman…

Aside from the fact that she knows how to kick some ass, Batwoman is a well-written character.  It’s not that she is prettier, stronger, or more heroic than other superheroes; it’s that she is normal!  She’s not over-sexualized.  She’s not moral perfection or bubbly, false personality.  She has problems in her personal life just like you and me.  She is beautiful but not in a traditional feminine way.  She is powerful but not infallible.  She makes mistakes, and I love her even more when she does.

Best of all, though, is the portrayal of Kate Kane’s lesbian relationships.  They are completely normal!  Surprise!  LGBT relationships are, in essence, the same as straight relationships.  Yes, dear, straight friends, our relationships are just as complicated, beautiful, and bittersweet as yours are.

So let’s visit a few of the myths about lesbian relationships. It has been said, incorrectly of course, that lesbians hate men.  Kate Kane has a strong bond with her Father.  Their relationship is based on mutual respect, trust and love.  She does not hate men.   She is friends with men without being sexually attracted to them.  Yes, guys, it is possible to have a girl friend who is not attracted to you.  I know.  Shocking for some of you.

It has also been said that lesbians want to be men.  Kate has no reason to want to be a man.   She is a complete person on her own merit.  She is both physically powerful and beautiful.  Yes, it is possible to be female AND gorgeous AND fiercely strong.  In fact, I know some women in real life who are all of that and much more.

Another myth:  lesbians are attracted to all women.  There are a lot of female characters in the new Batwoman comics, but she is not interested in most cases.  Why?  Because she has a certain type of woman she is attracted to, and most women don’t fit that type.  Lesbians are just as likely as anyone else to be picky and opinionated when it comes to deciding if someone is attractive.

Another common misconception is that you can spot a lesbian by how she looks.  Well, Kate is neither super butch or super femme.  She is sort of in between.  If you came across her in real life would you think she was a lesbian?  Hard to say.  Kudos to J.H. Williams, who did such a good job finding a balance.  She has a muscular body and yet remains graceful and agile – as befits a bat-like superhero.

And then there is the particularly disturbing myth that being a lesbian is a choice and Batwoman could be straightened out if the right man came along.  Thank you DC comics for helping debunk that myth.  No, Batwoman is undoubtedly hot, but sorry guys, she is completely unavailable to you.


From SheWired:

SheWired – Batwoman is Back: The Lesbian Caped Crusader Takes Flight.

Where are all the Amazons?

After the depressed mood of the last post, I believe it is high time for something more entertaining from bi-girl.  In that spirit, let me address something that has bothered me for some time now – the appalling scarcity of female warrior types in comics and in popular culture.  When female warriors are allowed into the male-dominated world of superheroes, they are often portrayed as secondary characters, or even worse, as warriors with so little in the way of weapons and armor, they are laughable.  Why do we put up with this??  I have two girls.  I don’t want them growing up thinking that female warriors are demure, knock-kneed, helpless types with scanty clothing.  They need female heroes they can look up to – the kind of superhero that is not afraid to take someone down.

For instance, look at these gals.  Where is the impenetrable armor?  Is that Catwoman’s belly I see?  How is she not gonna get stabbed there?  In fact, how is any fabric going to deflect a bullet or a well-thrown punch?  And where, might I ask, are their weapons?! What are they going to do, use their sexy charm to knock the bad guy over?  I think not.  So, here’s my attempt to offer these gals a chance in hell of survival:

Now, Batwoman has a sword, Superwoman and Robin have some armor, Catwoman has a shield and a spear.  Oh good lord, though!  Spiderwoman and Wonderwoman are completely without defense.  They will likely die a violent death in combat unless they can pull off some fantastic superpower moves.  Catwoman’s belly is STILL exposed, so she’ll be the next to perish.  These women are so ill-equiped even after pasting on a few weapons and armor, it’s pathetic.

I have my work cut out for me, trying to teach my two daughters what it means to be a female warrior.  I think I know what I’m dressing up as, this Halloween, and there will be no absence of weapons and armor because you never know who you might run across while trick or treating.  I might have to kick someone’s ass.

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